Registration & Entry:

No Call No Show
I can not stress this enough. IF you’re running late, please let the host know.
If you RSVP, you are expected to show up. Seating is limited and there may be others wanting to play. If you do not show up, and do not communicate that couldn’t make it, there will be consequences.
First offense, you will be marked on the Scoreboard as “NS”, and will need to pay the current promo fund fee, if you wish to return to future games. Once paid, the “NS” will be removed and replaced with last place points.
Second offense, same as above, as well as any and all your RSVPs for future games will be deleted. You will need to settle up payment for promo fund for all games missed before you’re allowed to RSVP any future games.



A good deal of money is spent on Nice Plastic playing cards, Chips & Poker tables. Please treat the property & people with respect and everything should be fine.  Please don’t drink more than you can handle, no fire-arms, and smoking of any kind is not allowed inside the house or near doorways or windows. Violation of these rules may result in suspension from future games here.

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions. Suggestions are also welcome.