Welcome to Arcadia Poker!

About Us:

Your Host/Poker Director/Dealer: Shane
Dealers: James, Abby, John, Lisa and anyone else welcome to volunteer.

Location: near 40th St & Thomas Rd, in Phoenix, AZ
(exact address is emailed when you rsvp)

Games were suspended after March 7th, so players could isolate/quarantine.
120 points were added to everyone’s score that played in a league game between January and March of 2020.
82 more points were added to everyone’s score after the 2nd break in July.

This is a live game with real people.
Games are only TX Hold’em unless otherwise noted.
Other games are played beforehand and certainly after getting knocked out 🙂

So come on out, have some fun, meet new people, hang out with regulars and Hey, maybe win some money without breaking the bank.

See up-coming games at the bottom of this page.
Click on a date to bring up the RSVP form.
Fyi, you don’t have to enter your phone number if you don’t want.

This league runs January-November as to end just before the Major Holidays.

We will provide all-time dealers when available. We use 100% plastic playing cards and poker chips with easy-to-read denominations

Any questions, concerns or ideas:

Contact Shane at [email protected]

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We operate with full compliance of the AZ Social Gambling Laws