Ever feel a little jipped when you make a great hand like quads but don’t get much action or feel a little more deserving, especially when you don’t do well the rest of the tourney. Well here’s some extra dough for when you get quads or better.

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One hole-card must complete the Quads made in the hand. As long as there’s money in the promo fund, they pay throughout the league games.
Straight flush and Royal flush are a little different. One hold-card is still needed to complete either one. However, only the first of either one will payout. So, even if you get a Royal but someone else already got a straight flush, there won’t be a payout, sorry.
Bad Beat qualifier:
Aces full of 2’s or better beaten with quads or better.
Both hole cards must play.
Also, if a bad beat happens, it also kills payouts on straight flush and royal flush. Quads will still be paid out. Again, only as long as there’s enough money in the promo fund. If there’s not enough money, then no pay.