The Royal Championship

Date: Dec. 10th
Time: 2:00pm

Qualification: Have earned 10 Crowns this current season

Starting stack: 500k

10,000 bonus for each crown you’ve earned in the current year.

At the end of the season, if you don’t have enough crowns to qualify for the Royal,
then you may play in
The Gauntlet(see below for details) to earn a seat in the Championship.

Royal Championship

Dealer Appreciation Bonus

$20 = 500k

The Gauntlet

Projected date: Dec 9th
(held the day prior to the Championship)

This tournament will be a wild card opportunity to get into the Royal Championship game.

 You will need to have played at least one league game to enter.

Buy-in: $60
Starting stack: 40k*

*Crown Bonus: +5 big blinds per crown you’ve earned this season, capped at blind level 5. Using league-game blind structure.

Knock out a player to win a $20 Bounty.
This will be the only prize monies available for this tourney.

There will be a few number of seats to fill in The Royal Championship. The game will end when we are down to that preselect number of players to fill the seats needed.
Since you will also need 10 crowns to enter, there’s another twist.  
When you buy in, you will be given 1 Golden Crown chip. Plus, 1 blood crown chip for each crown you’ve earned. These will be won/lost upon knockout, just like bounties. ALL crowns are awarded to the victor.

1 Blood crown = 1 Crown
2 Golden Crowns = 1 Crown

Now, if we are down to the number of players needed for The Royal but there are some players short of the 10 crowns needed to enter, that’s fine, you survived The Gauntlet, and earned a seat.
That’s all folks. Hope it wasn’t too confusing. It’ll be easier in the game. Simply knock players out, collect crowns and bounties.
Good luck!