The Royal Championship

Projected date: Nov. 13th

This is what you should be playing for. 
10 Crowns needed to enter. 
Free to play, and every place pays something.

Starting stack: 250k

5,000 bonus for each crown you’ve earned in the current year.

At the end of the year, if you have a few crowns but not quite the 10 needed, then you will be invited to play in The Gauntlet to get those crowns needed to qualify.


The Gauntlet

Projected date: Nov 13th

This is simply a game for those that have at least 1 Crown but not the 10 required for the Championship.

So yeah, first thing you need is, at least 1 crown to enter and you’ll be contacted with an invite and password to enter when it is time.

Entry fee: $20
Starting stack: 40,000

You’ll each start with a Red Blood Crown chip + a Golden Crown chip for each crown you’ve earned this year.

When a player is knocked out, a couple things happen. First, a Golden Crown chip acts as a re-entry. Turn one in and you get another 40k stack. However, the villain may turn in 2 Big blinds to the bank to purchase that crown chip. The dealer will replace it with a Blue Blood chip.
Game play continues as usual. Btw, You are not required to buy any crown chips, its your choice.
Blue Blood can not be used for re-entries. If you knock out a player with a Blue chip, this can also be bought for 1 big blind.
If you no longer have Golden crown re-entry chips, and you bust out, then that’s it for you.
Also, ANY and ALL Red blood chips are free to the villain.

Why should you buy any crown chips?
The goal is to obtain at least 10 Crowns, just as you need to enter the Royal. It also doesn’t matter what color the crown chips you have, Red, Blue, Gold… they all count towards your total Crowns.
Once all active players have at least 10 Crown chips, the tournament ends, each of the remaining player receives $30 and you get to play in the Royal Championship.
Also, all crowns you earned in The Gauntlet apply towards bonus chips in the Royal.
This may all seem complicated at first but its not once its in action. Just focus on knocking people out and collect those crowns.