The Royal Championship

Projected date: Dec. 18th

Be in the Top 20* of most crowns for the current year to be invited

Starting stack: 40k

10,000 bonus for each crown you’ve earned in the current year.

*In the case of players tied in crowns that spill over the top 20, by no more than 4 players will be in the Royal. For example, if players 19 thru 24, all are tied at 14 crowns each, they will all be in the Royal, leaving 3 seats open for Gauntlet qualifiers. However, if the tie goes to 25th+, then these players will need to play in The Gauntlet first to wild card into the Royal. 

At the end of the year, if you have a few crowns but not quite enough, then you will be invited to play in The Gauntlet to earn a seat in the Championship.

Royal Championship

Dealer Appreciation Bonus

$20 = 100k

The Gauntlet

Projected date: Dec 17th
(held the day prior to the Championship)

This tournament will be used to fill in the 3rd table of The Royal Championship.
Basically a survivor tourney.
If we have 7 seats open for the Royal, then the Gauntlet stops once we have 7 players remaining.

Minimum qualification: 1 crown

Starting stack: 40,000
Entry Fee: $0

Bonus chips:
Each Crown = 2,000
or $10 = 5,000* 

$10 Dealer Appreciation = 25,000

*Each player will have the option(before taking their 1st hand) to pay $10 to convert all their bonus chips to 5,000 each. Whether you have 1 or 15 crowns, it’s a flat $10 total. This money will be used for the Royal championship prize pool.

No money will be awarded for the Gauntlet.

The tourney will be a freeze-out, no re-entry or rebuy.
Each player will have a blood crown chip.
The blood crown will act as a bounty. Knock a player out and collect all their blood crowns, just as  you would in a regular league game.

Again, the game comes to an end once we’ve hit our goal of filling the empty seats needed in the 3rd table of The Royal Championship.

Your earned Crowns + All blood crowns will be used towards your bonus chips in the Royal championship game.1