Saturday May 8, 2021 3:05 PM to 11:45 PM

Please RSVP here to be an Alternate for the $60 game.

Here’s the gist of how this will work….
We’re using the front 3 tables to have the tourney going.
The 4th table in the “diamond lounge” will be open for $1/2 cash game.
You can play here until you’re called up, in the case that the tourney is full.

Also, if you’re signing up here because you know you can’t make it until a certain time, much later than the start, then please feel free to indicate in the “NOTES” about what time you’ll be arriving. If you do not indicate your approx arrival time, then you’ll simply be called in the order that you RSVP.
Even if you’re not here, and we move on to the next player in line, you will not lose your position.
There is also one other contingency plan in effect. If we fill up the 30 seats for the tourney and we have 10 or more players available at the 3pm start time, then we will go to 4 tables and alternates will simply have to wait.
This is why it will be important to indicate an approx arrival time(if you coming later).

Event date is past