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This is a poker league, and as such, you are trying to rack up Points & Crowns.
At the end of the season, there will be money awarded to the Top 3 Champions with the most points.
$5 of every buy-in goes to the Promo Fund to payout Jackpots, our Champions, Player of the Year & The Royal Championship.

At each league game, you earn points for the respected position that you were eliminated. Obviously, the further you make it, the more points you earn. Check the Scoreboard to see where you stand among everyone else. This being said, it is very important that you sign out. I make sure that everyone gets points according to the sign out sheet. If you fail to sign out, you only get 10 points.

Here’s how to earn Crowns

Place Top 3 in a league game:
1st place = 4
2nd place = 2
3rd place = 1
4th place = 1

When you reach:
points = +4 crowns
600 points = +2 crowns
700 points = +2 crowns

So, as usual, play often, run deep and remember to sign out.
You don’t want to get only 10 points for not signing out, when you can get at least 30.