The Royal Championship

Projected Date: Nov. 21st 2020

How to get in:
Top qualification is to have at least 10 Crowns

A: If you’ve earned 10 crowns in the current year, you automatically get a seat in this game.
Starting stack: 95,000
Each crown past the initial 10 = 5,000 extra in chips.

B: If you have less than 10 crowns, you may play in the Blood Crown Tournament* to earn a wildcard seat into The Royal championship.

*Blood Crown Tournament:
This game will take place prior to the Royal championship.
Players must have earned at least 1 crown during the current year to enter.
Your entry fee is based on the number of league games you’ve played this year.


The Scoreboard will display how many games you’ve played and crowns earned.

This is a special game of my own design. It’ll seem a little complex in written word but much easier in play.

First, your goal is similar to qualifying for the Royal championship, as in, you are trying to reach 10 crowns or more.

Every player will start with the same starting stack of 40,000

Each player will start with 1 RED crown chip(Blood Crown) and a GRAY crown chip for each crown they’ve earned.
All of these crown chips will count towards your 10 qualifying crowns needed to enter TRC.
(If you have 9 Gray chips and 1 Red, then you’re already sitting on 10 crowns but you’ll need to hang on to all of them throughout this tournament)

The game ends when ALL remaining players have 10 or more crown chips each. The remaining players will have earned a seat in TRC. Extra crown chips will earn you the appropriate bonuses for TRC.

Now for the rules of play:
You’ll play TX Hold’em as usual.
However, for each GRAY crown chip you possess, will act as a Re-entry chip, at $5 each.
Re-entry gets you a full starting stack. You turn in 1 Gray crown chip and then the player that knocked you out, has the option to purchase this Crown at the cost of 10 big blinds from his tournament chips and in doing so, the bank will award you, the victim, 5 of those big blinds.
Now, the crown the villain purchased CAN NOT be used as a future rebuy, the bank will give them a white crown chip as not to get mixed in with other gray crown chips.
Once you are down to the Blood Crown, this is your last chance to stay in. The blood crown is not a rebuy chip.
The villain does not have to purchase Blood Crowns. Also, the villain claims not just one but ALL the Blood Crowns that the victim has at the time of knockout. But if the Hero has white or gray crown chips, these are lost to the bank unless the villain wants to purchase them from the bank and give up 10 big blinds each chip.

Once we see all remaining players have at least 10 crown chips, we stop the game and those players are now in The Royal Championship game. We will award each of these players $20* from the pool and the remainder goes to TRC prize pool.

*If there’s not enough in the pool to pay this amount, then it will be lowered by $5 increments until satisfied.