Great Hand-Bad Beat


Where does the money come from?
It comes from $5 of everyone’s buy-in for the Promo Fund.


Straight Flush$20
Royal Flush$60
Bad Beat$50-Losing Hand
Table share-$10 each

Jackpot payouts are only eligible in Arcadia Poker League games.

Qualifying hands must use at least 1 hole card to complete quads, straight flush, royal flush or full house for the bad beat. It can not be quads or better on the community board and your hand holds top kicker.

Bad Beat: Is a Full House, Aces full or better beaten by quads or better. Remember, at least 1 hole card is required to complete both hands, not just a kicker. If 2 hands suffer a bad beat, losing hands will split the bad beat prize. If 3 or more suffer a bad beat, losing hands will receive $20 each.
The winning hand receives the $10 table share on top of their jackpot qualifier payout. Example, quads receives $10 but they also get +$10 table share, for a total of $20.

Quads paid out during the entire league tournament.
Only the first Bad Beat per night will be paid.
Only the first Straight Flush or Royal Flush per night will be paid.